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Pace Bus - 808 Schedule

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Monday-Friday - Crystal Lake Metra Station

Harvard Community Hospital Harvard Metra Station Harvard Woodstock Center Woodstock Metra Leave Marian Central Catholic High School Centegra Medical Center McHenry County College Crystal Lake Metra Station
6:25am 6:29am 6:38am 6:48am - 6:59am - 7:10am
7:15am 7:19am 7:28am 7:38am 7:42am 7:54am 8:00am 8:09am
8:14am 8:18am 8:27am 8:37am - 8:49am 8:55am 9:04am
2:10pm 2:14pm 2:24pm 2:35pm 2:41pm 2:51pm 2:57pm 3:06pm
3:14pm 3:18pm 3:27pm 3:37pm - 3:49pm 3:55pm 4:04pm
4:07pm 4:11pm 4:21pm 4:32pm 4:38pm 4:48pm 4:54pm 5:03pm
5:09pm 5:13pm 5:22pm 5:32pm - 5:43pm 5:49pm 5:58pm

Monday-Friday - Harvard Community Hospital

Crystal Lake Metra Station McHenry County College Centegra Medical Center Marian Central Catholic High School Woodstock Metra Leave Harvard Woodstock Center Harvard Metra Station Harvard Community Hospital
6:25am - 6:36am - 6:48am 6:58am 7:06am 7:10am
7:15am 7:24am 7:30am 7:46am 7:51am 8:01am 8:10am 8:14am
8:14am 8:23am 8:29am - 8:39am 8:49am 8:58am 9:02am
2:10pm 2:19pm 2:25pm 2:41pm 2:46pm 2:56pm 3:05pm 3:09pm
3:11pm 3:20pm 3:26pm - 3:37pm 3:48pm 3:58pm 4:02pm
4:09pm 4:18pm 4:25pm 4:36pm 4:41pm 4:51pm 5:00pm 5:04pm
5:15pm 5:24pm 5:30pm - 5:41pm 5:51pm 6:00pm 6:04pm