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Monday-Friday - To Chicago Union Station
Monday-Friday - To Antioch Station
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10/03/2022 until 10/09/2022

Monday-Friday - Chicago Union Station

Z # 100# 102# 108# 110# 112# 116
J Antioch 5:20am5:58am6:38am7:00am
J Lake Villa 5:26am6:03am6:44am7:06am
J Round Lake Beach 5:30am6:07am6:48am7:10am
I Washington St (Grayslake) 5:33am6:10am6:51am7:13am
H Prairie Crossing 5:38am6:15am6:56am7:18am
H Mundelein 5:44am6:21am7:02am7:24am
G Vernon Hills 5:50am6:27am7:08am7:30am
G Prairie View 5:53am6:30am7:11am7:33am
F Buffalo Grove 5:57am6:35am7:16am7:38am8:23am4:10pm
F Wheeling 6:01am6:39am7:20am7:44am8:28am4:16pm
E Prospect Heights 6:06am6:44am7:48am8:33am4:20pm
D O'Hare Transfer 6:17am6:56am7:59am8:45am4:31pm
D Rosemont 6:20am6:59am8:02am8:48am4:34pm
C Schiller Park 6:23am7:02am8:05am8:51am4:37pm
C Franklin Park (North Central) 6:27am7:06am8:09am8:55am4:41pm
C River Grove 6:32am7:11am8:15am9:00am4:47pm
A Western Ave (MD & NCS) 6:44am7:23am7:50am8:26am9:12am4:58pm
A Chicago Union 6:55am7:36am8:03am8:39am9:25am5:11pm

Monday-Friday - Antioch Station

Z # 101# 107# 109# 113# 115# 117
A Chicago Union 7:10am3:00pm4:25pm5:01pm5:35pm6:00pm
A Western Ave (MD & NCS) 7:19am3:09pm4:34pm5:10pm5:44pm6:09pm
C River Grove 7:31am3:21pm4:46pm6:21pm
C Franklin Park (North Central) 7:35am3:25pm4:50pm5:58pm6:25pm
C Schiller Park 7:38am3:28pm4:53pm6:01pm6:28pm
D Rosemont 7:41am3:31pm4:56pm6:04pm6:31pm
D O'Hare Transfer 7:44am3:34pm4:59pm6:07pm6:34pm
E Prospect Heights 8:01am3:46pm5:11pm6:19pm6:46pm
F Wheeling 8:06am3:51pm5:16pm5:44pm6:24pm6:51pm
F Buffalo Grove 8:10am3:55pm5:20pm5:48pm6:28pm6:55pm
G Prairie View 5:24pm5:52pm6:32pm6:59pm
G Vernon Hills 5:27pm5:54pm6:35pm7:02pm
H Mundelein 5:33pm6:00pm6:41pm7:08pm
H Prairie Crossing 5:40pm6:05pm6:48pm7:15pm
I Washington St (Grayslake) 5:49pm6:09pm6:57pm7:24pm
J Round Lake Beach 5:53pm6:13pm7:01pm7:28pm
J Lake Villa 5:56pm6:17pm7:04pm7:31pm
J Antioch 6:05pm6:28pm7:13pm7:40pm