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Chicago Transit - 171 Schedule

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Monday-Friday - University of Chicago

Shoreland Dorm - Shore Dr 60th St & University Ave
7:00am 7:12am
7:30am 7:42am
8:00am 8:12am
8:30am 8:42am
9:00am 9:12am
9:30am 9:42am
4:27pm 4:40pm
4:57pm 5:10pm
5:27pm 5:40pm
5:57pm 6:10pm
6:27pm 6:40pm

Monday-Friday - Shoreland Apartments

60th St & University Ave Shoreland Dorm - Shore Dr
7:12am 7:25am
7:42am 7:55am
8:12am 8:25am
8:42am 8:55am
9:12am 9:25am
9:42am 9:55am
4:10pm 4:22pm
4:40pm 4:52pm
5:10pm 5:22pm
5:40pm 5:52pm
6:10pm 6:22pm
6:40pm 6:52pm