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Temporary Reroute

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Wed 7/01/2020 9:00am - Thu 12/31/2020 11:59pm


#125 - SB - end at southwest corner of Desplaines/Harrison. NB - begin at Desplaines/Harrison, Desplaines, Polk, Jefferson, nml rt.

Full Description

How does this affect my trip? 
Southbound buses will end their trips at the southwest corner of Desplaines/Harrison.   

Buses will not enter the Desplaines/Harrison terminal.   

Northbound buses will begin their trips at Desplaines/Harrison, operate via Desplaines, Polk, and Jefferson, then resume their normal route on Harrison. 

Allow extra travel time. 

Why is service being changed? 
Buses are rerouted due to the Jane Byrne Interchange construction project.